Best earphones under 600 in India 2021

At first, Happy World Music Day to everyone.

Music is something which gives us pleasure after the hard work all day. At the end of the day when we are going to bed for a peaceful sleepy night and listening to music with an earphone and exclude all the external noise, that gives us a heavenly feeling.

Generally, phone companies do not provide earphones as it increases their main product price. But to get the best experience while watching Netflix or playing PUBG a good quality earphone is a must. It will increase the whole experience of gaming or watching web series. 

But choosing a perfect best budget earphone may be difficult. It may be because of various fake products available in the market. 

So, here is the well-researched list of the top 10 best earphones under 500 in India 2021.

1. Boat Bassheads 100-Earphone under 400

Color: Black  |  Connector-Type:  Wired  |  Compatible Devices: All 3.5mm Jack device  

Boat Bassheads 100

Boat Bassheads 100  ★★★★★ 

It supports 3.5mm jack devices. In daily uses, most of the devices are with 3.5mm jack. So, it helps us to connect our smart devices and gives us a beautiful experience.

So, This is a good cost-efficient earphone.

 ✔ Pors 
  • The sound quality is very good. 
  • It has durable PVC cable. 
  • PVC cable is tangle-free.
  • Price-efficient. 
 ✖ Cons 
  • Headphone jack maybe not gold plated. 
It may be a good bugged earphone for your daily use.

2. ‎Realme buds 2-Earphone under 600

Color: Black/Yellow  |  Connector-Type:  Wired  |  Microphone: Yes  

Realme buds 2

‎Realme buds 2 ★★★★★ 

With beautiful design and color combination, it is in second place on our list. The black and yellow color combination makes it different from other earphones. It provides a unique style. 

So, if you want to look unique then it may be a good choice for you.

 ✔ Pors 
  • It comes with a 3 button remote.
  • Support 3.5mm jack
  • 11.2mm bass boost driver.
 ✖ Cons 
  • No angled jack facility may be an issue.
In this price range, this earphone sounds really great.

3. Boat Bassheads 242-Earphone under 600

Color: Active black  |  Connector-Type:  Wired  |  Compatible Devices: All 3.5mm Jack device  

Boat bassheads 242

Boat Bassheads 242 ★★★★★ 

You are tensed because you have more than one smartphone with different operating systems and want to buy an earphone which can compatible with both android and ios.

Then this phone may be a good choice as it works with both OS.

 ✔ Pors 
  • It comes with IPX4 rating offering sweat resistance.
  • It has Built-in mic.
  • 3.5mm straight jack compatible with almost all devices.
 ✖ Cons 
  • It has no self-timer.
This may be a good choice for those people who travel every day and on the way, they listen to music as it is sweat and waterproof.

4. Xiaomi Redmi - Earphone under 400

Color: Blue  |  Connector-Type:  Wired  |  Brand: Xiaomi  |  Jack-Type: L-shaped, 3.5mm

Xiaomi redmi earphone

Xiaomi Redmi Earphone ★★★★ 

This earphone with a very elegant blue color is a very good budget earphone. It has built mic which gives you a great experience during manage calls.

If your previous experience is bad with earphones and wants a lightweight one then it would be a very good choice for you as it made with a beautiful aluminum alloy metal design with a mere 13g weight.

 ✔ Pors 
  • Lightweight so easy to use in everyday life.
  • Reinforced 90-degree angle audio jack.
  • Can be used with smartphone, laptops.
 ✖ Cons 
  • Button could have been more smooth.
May a super choice when it comes to price range.

5. Boat Bassheads 225-Earphone under 600

Color: Neon-Lime  |  Connector-Type:  Wired  |  Compatible Devices: All 3.5mm Jack device  

Boat Bassheads 225

Boat Bassheads 225 ★★★★★ 

The unique style with neon-lime color makes this earphone really different.

As this earphone is compatible with both android and IOS operating systems so this earphone is very beneficial for those who have both types of smart devices.

Its gold-plated angled jack provides easiness to connect with smart devices. 

 ✔ Pors 
  • Gold-Plated angled jack.
  • Almost 1.2m long sturdy and strong wires
  • Sounds are really high
 ✖ Cons 
  • It may not have noise cancellation technology.
It is a very good choice with a unique color combination.

These are the best earphones under 600 rupees in India in 2021. Hope this blog will be helpful for you.

The information in this article is well researched. After spending hours we have made this article. The information in this article is only for general information purposes only. So, You are requested to check all the information yourself and then make your own decision.

The rating system is completely based on our online research about those products.
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